Jan 162013
PREVIEW - Vallejo Surface Primer

My biggest impediment to painting is not having primed minis to paint. Sometimes I want to paint a unit, sometimes I just want to paint a little do-dad. In the past I have used any number of aerosol sprays, from GW Chaos Black primer to Armoury Grey Primer to The Army Painter Colour Spray. I’ve used some Krylon auto primers on terrain projects, but I know many folk swear by them for minis too. Still, in the arid desert of Arizona, you get the bitter cold of high winter for about a month or the blistering heat of summer for [...]

Jan 072013
Mini Gaming Resolutions - 2013

Happy New Year!!! First blog post this year and I thought I’d bite a little off Larry’s resolutions post from BOLS. Thanks Larry! Without further ado, my hobby resolutions. 1) Organize my hobby work space. I should snap a pic of my room, shelves, closet, et. al. I spent 3 hours Thur night just getting organized enough to GET organized in order to clean. It’s insane, (holidays and our game on 15Dec didn’t help!). Every time I clean, I lose something, or more appropriately lose track of something. Not this time, the Log of Projects and Models has been amended! 2) [...]

Sep 112012
My Tau Commission - Consider it done!

It’s official, all the kids are finally at home! The last of my errant Tau figs arrive on 07Sep12 along with my Flames of War project, (details in a separate thread). March 2011 to September 2012, kind of a ridiculous time frame, much of which has already been detail in other posts. Still, I’ll take some time to film the entire lost all in one go and post up unit bios as I have time. At present, the force totals out at 3316 points, with 3061 painted courtesy of PaintedFigs. The remaining 255pts are 3 Broadside Battlesuits which I am converting to [...]

Aug 162012
My Tau Commission - Completed!?!?

Holy schmokes folks!!! After 17 months, the last model is complete and we are preparing to ship the lads home. That’s right, “I gave the stealth suit in for photos yesterday“. And there he is at left! For those not paying attention, (is this thing on?!?!?), 1 of 6 Stealth suits already painted as of Aug 2011 went missing from the return shipment. As such, a replacement was called for. Kudos to Navin for arranging the replacement mini, however the replacement took 5 months to obtain and paint. I mean, well, DAMN! Let’s recap the project to date, shall we? [...]