Feb 172011
Khador & Cygnar Battle Boxes, LotR terrain & Necron Monolith

A few hours and some glue.

Ahhh, spent a lovely evening finishing up a number of outstanding projects. First off were four old Lord of teh Rings terrain sprues. Simple walls, 3 sets per sprue, but always good to have lying around. Shoud be able to base & paint rapidly. After that, a couple of old Warmachine boxes, (these sets are in plastic now), which have been half assembled for far too long. Note the Cygnar warcaster’s head mounted on a wine cork, (I forget his name, sad). It’s too buried on the model to paint once assembled, so I left if seperate. I guess I’ll have to get really serious about painting it proper! And in the dark on the right is the 2nd of my Necron Monoliths, (recall I assembled it’s twin on Sunday). This one was a bit warped and was a bigger pain to assemble, but it’s done now and I can clean up the seams before painting.

It just feels good to get work done. Now if I can just get some painting done. We’ll keep an eye on the Necron and Warmachine projects over the coming months and see what we can achieve.

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