Feb 212011
1500pts Necrons, based & ready to prime

All our base are belong to us!

A little thanks to Public Enemy in the title there. It’s President’s Day and that means a day off for Brother Wolf, but not for Sister Moon. Alas, poor Luna is still in her home office working as we speak. I, on the other hand, have wrapped up a few hours of work on the Necrons. Not nearly as much as I had hoped, getting a late start and realizing I still had a bit of cleaning & sorting to do.

In any case, 38 infantry are now properly based w/ fine sand & pebble, incl. a wee bit of slate and a decapitated hear for the Lord’s base. I left the Destroyers out of it for the time being. I’m still deciding what I’ll do for them, incl whether or not to use KNetIx to magnetize them to their bases. Speaking of magnetizing, I put together a little trick for my 3 wound Scarab bases. I glued 1 scarab to the 40mm base and magnetized the other two. To keep the placement for the magnets simple, I used the post holes in the bottom of the bases. I’ll revise with the sizes on the magnets when I can get around to measuring them, (I have a butt-load of magnets and I just pull out a string of them that are the right size). Pretty stoked about that and ready to get paint on them. As for the paint, I did some test colros on sprue and I’m happy I did. What was in my head didn’t translate well once I started mixing things up. Blech! So, I have a few other ideas to try before I get started on them properly, but the next Necron post should be priming and test paint.

Segue to why I get so little done. My work space is a mess, I trot out all my kit to some other location in the house, (airbrush really needs to be out back, which was how the plan started today), and commence to working. At every turn it occurs to me I need this or that or what have you. Back up the stairs, scrounge about in the room, back down to the impromptu workspace. So, goals for this spring are 1- clean up the room so I can work IN the room, 2- get workspace organized enough to quick project work when time is limited, 3- profit.

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