Mar 122011

Well, not sure if it has arrived thanks to the weather in the Pacific, but here’s hoping. “item left the United States from ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) at 6:28 pm on March 09, 2011.” In other news, I did some pricing and decided to let PaintedFigs run another quick project for me.

My first table top war gaming, over 30 years ago, was on the hexagonal battlefields of Third Reich and Squad Leader with little cardboard chits representing anything from entire divisions to a single squad or tank. I was utterly captivated and in many ways still recall fondly those heady days of early strategy. It would be several years before the minis I associated w/ D&D would translate to table top miniature war gaming, but I have to acknowledge those roots.

Flash forward to the new millennium and a brilliant WW2 video game, Company of Heroes. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Micro$loth’s Close Combat video game from the late 90′s, which owes it’s inception directly to Squad Leader, but it was CoH which really brought me back to realistic, (ie: non-fantasy/scifi), strategy gaming. Despite years of gaming in fantasy and sci fi environments, I hadn’t really looked back at my roots.

Until recently that is. I’ve been looking at Flames of War for the past year and even though I have nobody to play it with, (YET!), I felt compelled to add another set of rulebooks and minis to my massive collection, (it’s a drug, I’m addicted). Keeping it simple for now, I’m starting with the Open Fire! starter box to get the basic rules and some minis. It wasn’t cost effective to buy them alone, (it would’ve been cheaper locally), so I added the books I was most interested in, North Africa & Med and Eastern Front. At that point, given what I was spending, I opted to pony up an extra $30 or so to let them paint up the Shermans in British 8th Army colors and the StuGs in Deutsches Afrikakorps colors. If I enjoy the game, (and everything I have learned so far indicates that the game takes some very refreshing perspectives on fundamental game mechanics), I’ll try to recruit some other players. In any case, I imagine I’ll put something more substantial together for both forces even if it’s just to put them on display.

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