Apr 182011

Au'taal Firewarrior

Au'taal Setp (c)Games Workshop

Well how do you do!

From: Navin Weeraratne
Sent: Tue, April 12, 2011 5:34:31 AM
Subject: Re: Update on Tau box?

I do have some good news for you though – your minis were received today and are in the studio!

It only took a month & change for my minis to finally clear customs and get to the shop. Honestly, knowing what I know now, I will NOT plan on sending anything, not even bitz. Nope, if it cannot be purchased and built with the parts on had from boxes on their end, I’ll have to build & paint it myself, hoping that I can match the quality of their work enough to keep from being too obvious. Ouch. Damn. So, now I have to wait & see how long it will be before they get to work on my figs.

In all fairness, Navin & crew are a victim of their success. As more word spreads, they end up with more work than they can handle. I look forward to saying positive things about the work soon.

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