Jun 172011
Arcane Ruins
Rueened. Rueened I say!

Much has happened since last I chimed in… First & foremost, the lads & I have decided to change gears from 40K and play some Fantasy on the 25th. My Dwarfs will sally forth against DesertFoxx’s Vampire Counts while the other match of the day will see fresh from the box Skaven face off against the Ogre Kingdom’s. As such, I’ve shut down my work on the Space Wolves temporarily in favor of getting more fantasy terrain built, (2 big boxes worth, still lounging under the futon from the launch of 7th edition!).

First off, the Arcane Ruins pictured above. I used armory grey spray primer as the base coat, (which I ran out of on the last archway!), followed by Secret Weapon Miniatures Stone Wash. I followed this up with a craft paint, Ceramcoat Rain Grey, which is analogous to Fortress Grey. I use craft paint generally for terrain projects due to expense. I still need the final highlight and some moss on the assembly lines, but overall they went together well.

Second, I started on a GW hill which was basecoated in a spray akin to Scorched Brown about 2 years ago. I leveraged much of what I learned painting my Realms of Battle table and many of the links that follow are from that project, rather than step-by-step on this hill. First, a light drybrush of Bestial Brown, (Folk Art Coffee is a good substitute), followed an overbrush of VGC Dark Fleshtone in the crevices. Another quick drybrush to basecoat the stone cliffs, this time 1:1 Graveyard Earth:Codex Grey, (again, using craft paint, from Ceramcoat & Folk Art). This was followed up with a heavy drybrush of Fortress Grey, (same Ceramcoat Rain Grey mentioned in the ruins above). At this point it was midnight, so I had to pack it in for the night.

Next steps should be bleached bone, (Folk Art Linen), highlights to liven up the stone on both projects, followed by total static grass and flocking of the hill and light flocking of the ruins to simulate moss growths. If I’m lucky, I can get the modular hill done too. I still have to reassemble DesertFoxx’s Black Coach, which met with an unfortunate accident years ago and has sat on my work bench awaiting repair all this time.

As for the many other things afoot, I have an update on my Tau project, but that’ll have to wait for next time!

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