Jun 272011
Over the hill

Over the hill

Well, we gamed on Saturday, with much of the new terrain in effect on the two tables. Dwarfs faces Vampires on table 1 and Ogres faced Skaven on table 2. Both tables were 4×4, so the 8 pieces, (incl a river & a marsh), on table 2 REALLY cramped up the massive blocks of Skaven and the monstrous block of Orges. In any case, I was just happy to get more painted terrain on the table. I still need to clock/moss the ruins mentioned previously, but I’m quite chuffed at how my hill turned out and plan to get the modular hill and 3 forest bases finished up to the same standard.

As mentioned previously, the hill was basecoated with an ultra flat brown spray akin to Scorched Brown. The crevices in the rocks were overwashed in VGC Dark Fleshtone. The rock surfaces then overbrushed with 1:1 Folk Art Burnt Umber(Graveyard Earth):Ceramcoat Charcoal(Codex Grey). Next step is a vigorous drybrush of Ceramcoat Rain Grey (Fortress Grey). Finally, a light edging by drybrushing Folk Art Linen (Bleached Bone). The caveat here that unlike my desert projects, I drybrushed all of the textured surface. As I intended to flock the majority, I thought the drybrush over the dark would provide interesting contrast should any flocking not take well or I decided to leave a patch or two bare.

The piece was then flocked with some random summer mix I’ve had for years and some static grass. I applied PVA glue across the based in quarters, adding static grass before the flock. After 4 passes around the base, I did the upper surface in a single go, again static before flock. Turned out quite nice. 3 forest bases and another hill to do, I feel like I can manage then pretty quickly in the coming weeks unless I decide to assemble Wood Elves or Night Goblins instead.

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