Jun 302011
Privateer Press

Damn it feels good to be a pirate!

Very interesting article from GentleBen on Bell of Lost Souls today. He’s painting up Retribution of Scyrah for Privateer’ Press’s fantastic TableTop game Warmachine, (I may have managed to get DesertFoxx interested in playing Menoth. Sorry about that mate. *grin*). Anyway, the stock scheme for Scyrah is white, like blinding white. Menoth is tough with it’s slightly off-white and sanguine accents, but Scyrah is F-ing WHITE!

Anyway, I’m always on the lookout for tips & tricks on painting white. I hope to build a White Scars Space marine force for Warhammer 40K some day, (well, I have all the bikes built, but nothing sports paint as yet). I’d also like to try my hand at some stunning white surplices for my Black Templars. For now, I think I’m going to try this little technique out on a Sorcerous Portal, (leftover from when I was building my Arcane Ruins and ran out of grey primer). I still have some white primer and I was going to do a series of dark washes on it to give it some depth & life. Now, instead, I think I may make an alabaster portal, majority white on the outside, and try some OSL coloring, (greens & purples), along the inside of the arch to make it magical. We’ll see how it turns out. If I like it, I may try out a test model for the scars soon.

Thanks GentleBen!

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