Jan 252012
Tau XV8 Crisis Suit Commanders

Au'taal Command Wants You!

It’s been over 5 months since my last post. In that time my day job went from insane to LUDICROUS SPEED as I took on the role of subject matter expert for all, and by ‘all’ I do mean ALL, things eCommerce. In that time, my Tau have as yet to arrive.

Let me say that again, my Tau as still overseas. Despite the promising initial work, the corrections and then further corrections, they are still languishing. In all fairness, most are done, but there were several outstanding purchases, (2 XV8, Devilfish, 6 Kroot Hounds). The hounds are being given up, crediting back to the order I hope. The suits and fish are in hand and getting worked on. The sum total of the work should be shipping back soon. The latest purchases and the Crisis Suits already being worked on are the final task. Unfortunately, the team totally built them wrong in the first place. Nothing at all like requested in the army list. We’ve run back through several corrections and they still aren’t right. I fear they won’t be right until i get them home as both I and the team are frustrated. I hate to be petty, but I paid for a job, I explicitly described the job and the job wasn’t done to my satisfaction. *sigh*

As I said previously, despite the issues Navin has generally been a pleasure to work with. With almost 1100 albums to their credit, Painted Figs certainly can pump out the paint. Unfortunately, it appears I am too demanding and we’re both just trying to wrap this up and get on with the next tasks. For those who aren’t aware, Navin had some real struggles this year thanks to a douche bag whom he thought was a helpful colleague. You can hear all about it in this podcast with Raef. So, here we are almost on the anniversary date of the project and I still have no figs, (hopefully soon), I still have corrections which aren’t likely to get handled and ultimately the project didn’t end up in my hands as desired.

Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have attempted this. Hindsight. I look through the albums and I see work for what I hope are satisfied customers. Maybe I’ll be somewhat satisfied once I have them in hand and make my own final corrections. I certainly hope so, given how much I’ve spent to get to this point.


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