Feb 082012
New Necron Immortal

HOLD and get ye hither!

After a ridiculously long hiatus, I have finally put glue to plastic once again. I spent the lunch hour perusing my fresh from The War Store boxes of Lychguard and Immortals, becoming familiar with the parts. They are much more ‘matched’ than plastics have been in the past, but I suppose that’s also a good thing. After deciding that the Lychguard would be better assembled at home on my proper workbench, I managed to get the 5 legs clipped, cleaned and based for the Immortals. I did get one full Immortal w/ Gauss Blaster completed. I test fit the Tesla Carbine as well, just to see if I could magnetize them. A dubious effort at best. So, it looks like they’ll be permanent. I’ll grab 2 more boxes, making 5 each of the Gauss &  Tesla Immortals as well as Deathmarks before deciding on increasing the size of any one unit.

The Lychguard are pretty pimp, but they seem much more intricate, so I’ll give them my full attention at home. The interesting thing about these two new boxes is that ordinarily the limiter for plastics is the legs. In this case, the limiter is not only the legs but also the front torso. Each box contains 2 different model types and each type having 1-2 variations. So, I have 5 legs, 5 torso fronts, 2×5 Torso Backs, 2×5 heads, etc. It’s a bit insane! More insane is that the bits themselves has so much integral modelling, (arms, hands, etc), that trimming them down to make use in any other way will be an obscene amount of effort. I foresee most only being objective markers and terrain gribblies. I was really hoping I could fudge the 2 kits enough to convert a few Crypteks. I have my doubts.

I also have an Annihilation Barge on deck too, who is donating it’s Lord to become Nemesor or Obyron, but that’s a story for another time.

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