Mar 022012
Box 1 of 2 from Sri Lanka

Damn postal service!!!

My Tau are slowly arriving. So box 1 of 2 arrived earlier this week. Box 2 is still MIA, despite being sent at the same time. *sigh* Box 3 will contain the final elements, my Crisis Suits. They are still building the last 2 to add to these. Despite repeated efforts, they have still managed to put the missile launchers on backwards. *sigh again* One last begging & pleading to get them right on the final 2 still to be assembled. *crosses fingers* So, I have all my infantry, I’m still waiting for my 6 tanks in transit, (where for art thou?), and the final shipment of 6 XV8 Crisis suits & 1 Devilfish, (as well as the 5 Flames of War ‘Open Fire’ starter box tanks), should be on their way as soon as the paint is dry.

While I am very grumpy that it has taken a year, A YEAR, to get these figs back in hand, I will say that having only taken a few out of the box to check I am at present impressed with the overall quality. Whatever issue happened to cause delay, I should have 3000pts of Tau, painted, which I would NEVER have actually got ’round to doing myself in a paint scheme that I won’t likely have on any other group of models I own. Not sure it’s it’s been worth it, but I do look forward to putting these models on the table, outdated codex & all. What do you think? ‘Eavy Metal vs Sri Lanka?

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