Aug 162012

Tau XV-25 Stealth Suit ReplacementHoly schmokes folks!!!

After 17 months, the last model is complete and we are preparing to ship the lads home. That’s right, “I gave the stealth suit in for photos yesterday“. And there he is at left!

For those not paying attention, (is this thing on?!?!?), 1 of 6 Stealth suits already painted as of Aug 2011 went missing from the return shipment. As such, a replacement was called for. Kudos to Navin for arranging the replacement mini, however the replacement took 5 months to obtain and paint. I mean, well, DAMN!

Let’s recap the project to date, shall we?

  • In Mar 2011 I shipped minis to be painted.
  • In Aug 2011 the majority of painting was complete and the final issues and outstanding purchases were being managed.
  • In Mar 2012 the majority of the shipment was finally returned, minus the 4 Crisis suits I sent, the 2 Crisis suits which were on order, a Devilfish which was on order and 1 Stealth suit which was clearly complete in the final photography, but somehow never made it into the box.
  • In Aug 2012 the replacement Stealth suit is completed and all outstanding Tau models, (as well as a Flames of War starter box project which was also a year+ in completion), are preparing to ship.

What is it about March and August? Weird. Anyway, now I cross my fingers and hope they arrive without incident. If all goes well, the Tau will sally forth against DesertFoxx’s Sallies, (no pun intended, Salamanders), for their inaugural game in September. After seeing the Orks dismantle BriBri’s Blood Angels on the 11th, I am curious what a real shooting army can do on the table.

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