Sep 112012

Unboxed on YouTube! Watch Now!

It’s official, all the kids are finally at home! The last of my errant Tau figs arrive on 07Sep12 along with my Flames of War project, (details in a separate thread). March 2011 to September 2012, kind of a ridiculous time frame, much of which has already been detail in other posts. Still, I’ll take some time to film the entire lost all in one go and post up unit bios as I have time. At present, the force totals out at 3316 points, with 3061 painted courtesy of PaintedFigs. The remaining 255pts are 3 Broadside Battlesuits which I am converting to have their railguns under-slung on the arms with custom ammo feeds. Anyway, until I get to showcasing everything about the models, the experience, etc, feel free to waste 15min watching me unbox the whole kit & kaboodle on YouTube.

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