Jun 302011
Privateer Press

Damn it feels good to be a pirate!

Very interesting article from GentleBen on Bell of Lost Souls today. He’s painting up Retribution of Scyrah for Privateer’ Press’s fantastic TableTop game Warmachine, (I may have managed to get DesertFoxx interested in playing Menoth. Sorry about that mate. *grin*). Anyway, the stock scheme for Scyrah is white, like blinding white. Menoth is tough with it’s slightly off-white and sanguine accents, but Scyrah is F-ing WHITE!

Anyway, I’m always on the lookout for tips & tricks on painting white. I hope to build a White Scars Space marine force for Warhammer 40K some day, (well, I have all the bikes built, but nothing sports paint as yet). I’d also like to try my hand at some stunning white surplices for my Black Templars. For now, I think I’m going to try this little technique out on a Sorcerous Portal, (leftover from when I was building my Arcane Ruins and ran out of grey primer). I still have some white primer and I was going to do a series of dark washes on it to give it some depth & life. Now, instead, I think I may make an alabaster portal, majority white on the outside, and try some OSL coloring, (greens & purples), along the inside of the arch to make it magical. We’ll see how it turns out. If I like it, I may try out a test model for the scars soon.

Thanks GentleBen!

Mar 072008

Just some images of cool female 28mm miniatures I’d like to get painted to honour my wife. Included are some sample images from real life to act as inspiration. If you have any other suggestions on female models in the witch, pirate or corset category, please feel free to pass them along. All will be considered. For some real work inspiration, my wife runs an eBay Goth Store, so peruse the wares if you dare. She got into it after realizing that it would be cheaper to sell the things she wears to others, so ideas on her likes are right there in plain view.

Some thoughts on the project as they pertain to color choices.

  • Overall theme should be black, purple, dark red or any combination as such. Alternately, her husband’s favorite color is dark green. Using that as a complement or even as a base color should go over well, but only on one model. If you choose to do that, make sure the others know.
  • Gold is absolutely forbidden. Any time I put gold on a mini, my wife asks why I didn’t use silver. I know it’s the complement for purple, but she hates it. She loves silver & platinum. You can probably get away with shading gold for depth and work up to a strong silver, but actually going for a warm gold will not be well received.
  • She loves pink, I hate pink. She likes to torment me with pink things like hats, buttons, lunch boxes, etc. Hints of pink would be favorably received.
  • Where appropriate, gemstones should be moonstone, amethyst or ruby. Complementary colors such as emerald, topaz or even amber/tourmaline would be acceptable as well.
  • Hair should be black. However, she currently has dark raspberry streaks. She has done purple and even electric blue streaks, so feel free to indulge if you desire. One of you may also do a ‘crone’ or grey haired model if you wish. A powerful, silver mane, similar to Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.
  • Leather may be natural or black, but preferably black. Still, if it fits well with the model, natural browns will be ok.
  • The moon, bats or owls as accent will work if desired as those are her totems. I have dedicated an entire room to her with bats & owls I collect from around the globe. I have some spare Wood Elves owl bitz if you can make use of them.

I’m going to mount these on some kind of display base. If the group can decide on a basing theme, then I may make something with terrain/scenery. Otherwise it’ll be stained wood in some form of tier system to show everything off. Other than that, I think you can feel free to indulge yourselves. So long as you can ship then in enough time to arrive by May 9th, everything will be grand.

Finally, I’m planning on having a small, engraved plaque with the painter’s name and location on it to accompany the models. If you would like me to use your real name, just email or PM me. Otherwise, I’ll use your RelicNews psuedonym. In any case, your location on the map as you’d like it known would be helpful if it’s not in your RN profile.

Post a comment here to let all of us know which model you choose. I’d love to see a progress blog, but regular updates should be sufficient to make sure the work is progressing well. I cannot thank you enough for participating in this. I am honoured and thrilled to have the chance at commissioning what I know will be beautiful work from truly talented artists.


UPDATE: 24 April (3 of 4 WiP available)

Ap0k: Epic Skarre (WiP – 23Apr)
misterjustin: Maria Roseblade (WiP 18Apr)
SilverTabby: Jolie (sent 15Mar)
Tinweasel: Alexia (WiP – 24Apr)

NOTE: Ap0k has suggested a bat tattoo or something of that nature to ties the pieces in together if the group is up for it or the model allows for it. Do we have any other suggestions on imagery or basing to tie the models in together?

Some info on how to use this. Let the page fully load before clicking on an image. Clicking on any image opens the slide show. You can control the viewing in several ways. To view the next image, either hover the mouse over the right border until you see a little right arrow appear. Clicking it will proceed to the next image. You can also use the right arrow on the keyboard or type ‘n’, (as in Next image). To view the previous image, mouse over the left board for until the arrow appears, use the left arrow on the keyboard or type ‘p’, (as in Previous image). You can quit the slide show at any time by clicking the Close X in the lower right or type ‘x’, (as in eXit).

Reaper: Maria Roseblade Reaper: Jolie Privateer: Alexia Reaper: Elise
Reaper: Stormcaller Reaper: Another pirate lass Reaper: Gypsy dancer Reaper: Another gypsy
Reaper: Conjuring witch Reaper: Selmarine Privateer: Taryn Privateer: Valeria
Rackham: Mira Rackham: Misericord Jessica Galbreth: Dark Queen Jessica Galbreth: Samhain
Victoria Frances: Echo of Death Victoria Frances: Lamenting Angel Victoria Frances: Smiled And Disappeared Victoria Frances: Unknown
Victoria Frances: 2008 Calendar