Jan 252012
Tau XV8 Crisis Suit Commanders

Au'taal Command Wants You!

It’s been over 5 months since my last post. In that time my day job went from insane to LUDICROUS SPEED as I took on the role of subject matter expert for all, and by ‘all’ I do mean ALL, things eCommerce. In that time, my Tau have as yet to arrive.

Let me say that again, my Tau as still overseas. Despite the promising initial work, the corrections and then further corrections, they are still languishing. In all fairness, most are done, but there were several outstanding purchases, (2 XV8, Devilfish, 6 Kroot Hounds). The hounds are being given up, crediting back to the order I hope. The suits and fish are in hand and getting worked on. The sum total of the work should be shipping back soon. The latest purchases and the Crisis Suits already being worked on are the final task. Unfortunately, the team totally built them wrong in the first place. Nothing at all like requested in the army list. We’ve run back through several corrections and they still aren’t right. I fear they won’t be right until i get them home as both I and the team are frustrated. I hate to be petty, but I paid for a job, I explicitly described the job and the job wasn’t done to my satisfaction. *sigh*

As I said previously, despite the issues Navin has generally been a pleasure to work with. With almost 1100 albums to their credit, Painted Figs certainly can pump out the paint. Unfortunately, it appears I am too demanding and we’re both just trying to wrap this up and get on with the next tasks. For those who aren’t aware, Navin had some real struggles this year thanks to a douche bag whom he thought was a helpful colleague. You can hear all about it in this podcast with Raef. So, here we are almost on the anniversary date of the project and I still have no figs, (hopefully soon), I still have corrections which aren’t likely to get handled and ultimately the project didn’t end up in my hands as desired.

Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have attempted this. Hindsight. I look through the albums and I see work for what I hope are satisfied customers. Maybe I’ll be somewhat satisfied once I have them in hand and make my own final corrections. I certainly hope so, given how much I’ve spent to get to this point.


Jun 272011
Over the hill

Over the hill

Well, we gamed on Saturday, with much of the new terrain in effect on the two tables. Dwarfs faces Vampires on table 1 and Ogres faced Skaven on table 2. Both tables were 4×4, so the 8 pieces, (incl a river & a marsh), on table 2 REALLY cramped up the massive blocks of Skaven and the monstrous block of Orges. In any case, I was just happy to get more painted terrain on the table. I still need to clock/moss the ruins mentioned previously, but I’m quite chuffed at how my hill turned out and plan to get the modular hill and 3 forest bases finished up to the same standard.

As mentioned previously, the hill was basecoated with an ultra flat brown spray akin to Scorched Brown. The crevices in the rocks were overwashed in VGC Dark Fleshtone. The rock surfaces then overbrushed with 1:1 Folk Art Burnt Umber(Graveyard Earth):Ceramcoat Charcoal(Codex Grey). Next step is a vigorous drybrush of Ceramcoat Rain Grey (Fortress Grey). Finally, a light edging by drybrushing Folk Art Linen (Bleached Bone). The caveat here that unlike my desert projects, I drybrushed all of the textured surface. As I intended to flock the majority, I thought the drybrush over the dark would provide interesting contrast should any flocking not take well or I decided to leave a patch or two bare.

The piece was then flocked with some random summer mix I’ve had for years and some static grass. I applied PVA glue across the based in quarters, adding static grass before the flock. After 4 passes around the base, I did the upper surface in a single go, again static before flock. Turned out quite nice. 3 forest bases and another hill to do, I feel like I can manage then pretty quickly in the coming weeks unless I decide to assemble Wood Elves or Night Goblins instead.

Jun 202011
Watchtower & chapel

Chapel, Watchtower & Manor Walls

Spent a rare moment of free time assembling some Warhammer Scenery I’ve been sitting on for several years now. When WHFB 7th Ed. launched, they put out a metric boatload of scenery kits. In their typical launch fashion, they put out big kits with decent discounts. I don’t recall what I paid, but it was worth it enough to buy, esp. adding in the usual discount from The War Store. One box was a buildings box, which contained enough bits to build the Fortified Manor House (1x Walls & Fences, 1x Chapel, 1x Watchtower), 1x Building Upgrade Sprue), an additional Watchtower, Chapel and 2 more Walls & Fences. It’s a pretty sick box, (in fact I found someone selling one on eBay). The other box contained the rest of the then new terrain offerings, (Arcane Ruins, Hill, Modular Hill, 3x Woods).

The bases for the woods and both hills have been spray primers a deep, earthy brown for about 2 years, so it’s about time I got off my ass and did something with them. The buildings, of course, have been sitting on a sprue this whole time. I’ll say this about the buildings. They go together better than the Cities of Death buildings, but they are still a bit iffy overall. Multipart walls which have to be assembled first, then to each other, are too prone to hiccups and snags. I don’t like wasting time on terrain filling gaps, but I’m afraid the greenstuff will still have to come out for these. They are pretty sweet to have after all this time, esp compared to the hardboard Mordheim terrain.

Jun 172011
Arcane Ruins
Rueened. Rueened I say!

Much has happened since last I chimed in… First & foremost, the lads & I have decided to change gears from 40K and play some Fantasy on the 25th. My Dwarfs will sally forth against DesertFoxx’s Vampire Counts while the other match of the day will see fresh from the box Skaven face off against the Ogre Kingdom’s. As such, I’ve shut down my work on the Space Wolves temporarily in favor of getting more fantasy terrain built, (2 big boxes worth, still lounging under the futon from the launch of 7th edition!).

First off, the Arcane Ruins pictured above. I used armory grey spray primer as the base coat, (which I ran out of on the last archway!), followed by Secret Weapon Miniatures Stone Wash. I followed this up with a craft paint, Ceramcoat Rain Grey, which is analogous to Fortress Grey. I use craft paint generally for terrain projects due to expense. I still need the final highlight and some moss on the assembly lines, but overall they went together well.

Second, I started on a GW hill which was basecoated in a spray akin to Scorched Brown about 2 years ago. I leveraged much of what I learned painting my Realms of Battle table and many of the links that follow are from that project, rather than step-by-step on this hill. First, a light drybrush of Bestial Brown, (Folk Art Coffee is a good substitute), followed an overbrush of VGC Dark Fleshtone in the crevices. Another quick drybrush to basecoat the stone cliffs, this time 1:1 Graveyard Earth:Codex Grey, (again, using craft paint, from Ceramcoat & Folk Art). This was followed up with a heavy drybrush of Fortress Grey, (same Ceramcoat Rain Grey mentioned in the ruins above). At this point it was midnight, so I had to pack it in for the night.

Next steps should be bleached bone, (Folk Art Linen), highlights to liven up the stone on both projects, followed by total static grass and flocking of the hill and light flocking of the ruins to simulate moss growths. If I’m lucky, I can get the modular hill done too. I still have to reassemble DesertFoxx’s Black Coach, which met with an unfortunate accident years ago and has sat on my work bench awaiting repair all this time.

As for the many other things afoot, I have an update on my Tau project, but that’ll have to wait for next time!

Apr 182011

Au'taal Firewarrior

Au'taal Setp (c)Games Workshop

Well how do you do!

From: Navin Weeraratne
Sent: Tue, April 12, 2011 5:34:31 AM
Subject: Re: Update on Tau box?

I do have some good news for you though – your minis were received today and are in the studio!

It only took a month & change for my minis to finally clear customs and get to the shop. Honestly, knowing what I know now, I will NOT plan on sending anything, not even bitz. Nope, if it cannot be purchased and built with the parts on had from boxes on their end, I’ll have to build & paint it myself, hoping that I can match the quality of their work enough to keep from being too obvious. Ouch. Damn. So, now I have to wait & see how long it will be before they get to work on my figs.

In all fairness, Navin & crew are a victim of their success. As more word spreads, they end up with more work than they can handle. I look forward to saying positive things about the work soon.