Mar 072012
My Tau Commission (The good, the bad & the ugly)

The majority of my Tau have finally returned home from Sri Lanka. I don’t have time to go into EVERYTHING in the depth I would like to, but I wanted to post up some flava real quick about where things are at. Each of these will get some quality time in a post of it’s own soon, but here’s the short version, (hahah, me with a short version HA!). Queue The Ecstasy of Gold. The Good: Having my models back, lots of paint. My models are back in my hands. Not counting the extra bitz I had originally ordered, to replace everything [...]

Mar 022012
Bring the boys back home!

My Tau are slowly arriving. So box 1 of 2 arrived earlier this week. Box 2 is still MIA, despite being sent at the same time. *sigh* Box 3 will contain the final elements, my Crisis Suits. They are still building the last 2 to add to these. Despite repeated efforts, they have still managed to put the missile launchers on backwards. *sigh again* One last begging & pleading to get them right on the final 2 still to be assembled. *crosses fingers* So, I have all my infantry, I’m still waiting for my 6 tanks in transit, (where for [...]

Feb 212012
Lychguard cont'd - PROJECT NECRONS

Short work week already starting crappy, for modeling anyway. I did get President’s Day off, but I spent it installing my new Smart TV, (and all the hassle that legacy cabling incurred due to HDMI inputs on the new set), rather than modelling as I had thought I would. (Well, ok, I played a bit of SWTOR too). I did manage to get 30min in today to clip swords, arms and review posing options. The ‘we can do anything’ arms are problematic, being shared in part with the warscythes. Awfully small to pin, I foresee many repairs in their future. [...]

Feb 152012
Assembling Lychguard - PROJECT NECRONS

Pic at left is a WiP for my Lychguard. I managed to base the legs, apply the loincloth and assemble the 4pc torsos for all 5. Not too shabby for a lunch break which included wolfing down the last of my chicken parm. 7pcs each if you include the bases themselves. Seems like alot of bits, but contrary to my first opinion, Lychguard aren’t TOO terrible to assemble, (easier than the Praetorians by the look of it). While the same legs are used with slightly different embellishments, I have a niggling issue about the torsos for either build which annoys me. The torsos [...]

Feb 142012
My Immortal(s) - PROJECT NECRONS

Last Thursday I squeaked half hour over lunch to assemble another 2 Immortals. Not exactly a blistering pace, but considering what my pace has been like for many months, I’ll take it. I’m was out of the office for a long weekend, but I did manage to finish building all 5 of  them. W00T! I had originally planned on  starting on the Annihilation Barge next, but now that I am clear on GW’s new fangled method for infantry, I think I’ll work on my Lychguard next afterall…