Feb 082012

After a ridiculously long hiatus, I have finally put glue to plastic once again. I spent the lunch hour perusing my fresh from The War Store boxes of Lychguard and Immortals, becoming familiar with the parts. They are much more ‘matched’ than plastics have been in the past, but I suppose that’s also a good thing. After deciding that the Lychguard would be better assembled at home on my proper workbench, I managed to get the 5 legs clipped, cleaned and based for the Immortals. I did get one full Immortal w/ Gauss Blaster completed. I test fit the Tesla Carbine [...]

Jan 252012
My Tau Commission (still?!?!?)

It’s been over 5 months since my last post. In that time my day job went from insane to LUDICROUS SPEED as I took on the role of subject matter expert for all, and by ‘all’ I do mean ALL, things eCommerce. In that time, my Tau have as yet to arrive. Let me say that again, my Tau as still overseas. Despite the promising initial work, the corrections and then further corrections, they are still languishing. In all fairness, most are done, but there were several outstanding purchases, (2 XV8, Devilfish, 6 Kroot Hounds). The hounds are being given [...]

Aug 092011
My Tau Commission

Holy smokes! My Tau are nearing completion! After a long and arduous journey, the Tau army I commissioned Painted Figs is nearing completion. I sent along a list of 9 flaws in the album I spotted, but overall I have to say that the Au’taal sept colours look terrific en masse. Terracotta and Khaki mix beautifully and the Scorpion Green accent colour really sets it off. While I can’t say I’m happy with the amount of time taken, nor with the issues related to the size & scope of my request which I felt was handled well in terms of [...]

Aug 022011
The bankroll conundrum

As a multi-decade gamer I’ve seen alot in my day. Life was easy when all it took was beggin’ mom for spare cash to spend at The Game Keeper. Life was rough when serious decisions had to be made between spending money on rent/utils or beer or snowboard trips or games. Life was easy when I was single with a stable career. Life is compromise as a mature spouse with fellow gamers in the same boat, balancing family/money/time as best we can. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. It wasn’t long ago that our gaming group ‘gave up’ [...]

Jul 062011
So many new and interesting things!

As a Tabletop Wargaming enthusiast, the hardest part of the hobby, (aside from being able to afford it, and find space for it, and find time to model/paint/play… sheesh!), is often deciding which system to get involved with. There are SO many available, more than ever before. Will you find others to play with? Is it worth investing in? Are the rules easy to learn, but hard to master? Is the game fun? Are the models cool? I am often staggered at the sheer volume of choice in the hobby today. When I first got started, oh 30-some odd years [...]